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Sunday, December 10, 2017

Photos from Bratt

Greg Worden took photos of downtown in last night's first snowfall.

a pocket park in the center of town.

Main Street.
And Terry Martin caught the covered bridge just down the road from here, tonight.

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

Saturday, December 9, 2017

So Here It Is... Merry Christmas

Boy, the past few months beat me down. I had nothing but rants and bad news so I kept it all on Fecebook. It's hard to type anyway, easier to just click a 'share' button.

But it's snowing, and it's Christmastime. Amid a lot of cursing, I put the tree up and got the lights on yesterday. This year we put tin foil on the wall behind it, as my Father did. Though he'd cut a skyline out of construction paper and run it around the crown molding, too. And put lights and garland everywhere. Got the garland part going, but not the lights or skyline. This is the most I've decorated in years. Maybe the skyline and lights will happen next year.

Tomorrow, friends will trek through the snow to trim the tree and eat comfort food. I made Irish cream last week, so that's ready. We'll feast and laugh and tell each other what we think, like all the other years. There's a real comfort in traditions and knowing what to expect. Each of us has been through the mill in 2017. Time to air grievances.

Next I need to decide on whether the fruits and nuts soaking in whiskey will end up mincemeat pie or fruitcake. Were that all of life was made of such quandaries!

For the next weeks I'm going to spend more time staring at my tree and talking to people. My energy will go toward keeping my spirits up so I can keep others' spirits up, too. We've been bottom-dwelling for too long, an easy thing to do with the state of things.

I hope, however and whatever you celebrate, that it gladdens your heart and lightens what load you carry. May a thousand good things shower on you every day, now and in the new year.


Friday, October 6, 2017

Class, Caste, Crass and Classlessness

It's so damn clear that this country is an oligarchy leaning toward fascism that I don't know how peep can still be blind to it. I just saw a post (oh when the hell will I just quit Fecebook?) about some US soldier who royally fucked up and is going to do life for desertion. He'd been held and tortured by the Taliban for 5 years. Then some asshat on the newsfeed goes off about him being a Libtard's idol. Then I see a Cheeto Von Tweeto report and some Dem is yelling that this is all the fault of the Bernie supporters. It's getting to the point that I don't care what happens anymore. People are just so rotten and stupid (I find they often go together) that it would be less than Darwinian for this to go on. Our ignorance and stupidity will bury us.

With hindsight, I see where and how the dumbing down and instilled mean-ness was programmed into our US culture. Greed started it. Greed feeds it. The oligarchs get rich by our hate, ignorance and pettiness. Encouraged from every angle, socially engineered. Turn the lower classes against each other so they don't unite and take down the despots. It's nothing new, this douchebaggery raises its head every so often. And we all divvy up bits of cherrypicked religiousity and/or "patriotism" so we feel self-righteous about being scum of the Earth, too. Quite a heady brew from Hell.

We have a hateful, halfwit, crude game show host in the White House.
Violence is the everyday norm now.
Our Congress is literally selling us out and making us pay to be sold.
We've only seen the beginning.

Just be aware. This is happening.

Monday, October 2, 2017

When Summer's Gone, Where Will We Be?

Well, it's been 8+ months of Cheeto Von Tweeto's reign and seems like years. Summer is finally over, and this month has literally been shit so far. My upstairs neighbor clogged the toilet last night, then left the flush handle down so water was running, and didn't notice (til I shrieked at the rain coming down into my kitchen) that she'd flooded the place. It was bleach city in here today.  Did she apologize? I haven't seen her, have you?

Then of course last night and today happened. It's only the 2nd of October, 2017. We have 40 more months of Trump's America to try to live through.

I can't go into particulars because I'm trying to get through the PTSD of the last 24 hours and you've all heard it. I'm angry, sad, disgusted. And I keep coming back to why is this happening? Why is the US the hotbed of hotheads? Other countries have lax gun laws and they don't shoot each other to hell. Other countries have strict gun laws and people still get shot or killed. Why is this happening? Why the hatred? And why do We lead the world like this?


If Tom Petty isn't officially dead by now, he will be by the time you read this. Of The Wilburys, only Dylan and Jeff Lynne remain among the breathing. RIP

Please calm down, October. I can't keep up.

Sunday, September 3, 2017

You've Gotta Pick Up Every Stitch

Here we are in that long exhale called September.

People make a big deal of Spring being lovey time. Not for me. This is it. There's something about this time of year, September to November, that makes me love. Love love love. It's intoxicating, it's full of life, it's like being young again.

The thinning of the veil invigorates me. It used to scare me, now I revel in it. This year I'm thinking about why being in a ghost's presence isn't as scary as say, the movie "The Haunting" (the original, not the remake). Though none of the ghosts I've encountered has been physical or threatening, just weird. I mean, that it even happens is weird. But you sort of get used to it with familiarity. And I'm sure now that those I've seen and those I've felt or heard are different things. Feeling and hearing go together, for me. Seeing is, I think, a partial time slip. Seeing doesn't much rattle me at all anymore, which surprised me when I realized it. On the other hand, to this day when I hear a chair dragging overhead my shoulders rise. But a creepy movie- or in today's case, a few episodes of "One Step Beyond"- can freak me right out. I have to go outside or call someone to get unspooked. And I love it.

It's harvest time, and friends and neighbors are kindly sharing. I traded peach preserves for tomatoes yesterday. Tomato butties make me happy.

With Game of Thrones nights over, we go back to Game Nights. This Friday we resume, Paul's game choice and Chris' belated birthday celebration. I'm making lasagna and getting a Carvel cake. We'll have a few drinks and play. I think it's important to be goofy in these direly distressing days.

This year more than other years, I'm noticing the subtle daily light change. It's softer, more relaxed. In the morning it glimmers on the plastic cover of my keyboard. I even love that.

Adapting to what my hands can do now, I'm teaching myself to draw and sew again. Typing is a chore, but it's teaching me patience and to relax. There's no need to hurry, I've stopped giving a rat's ass what anyone thinks or expects from me. It'll all get done when I get to it.

And life goes on. I hope you're well and happy. Get some fun.